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Mother comforting her toddler

Gentle parenting strategies for coping with toddler tantrums 

You may have noticed at around 18 months, your toddler developed some BIG behaviours. Toddlers crave independence in their little lives but they still need a lot of help! This leads to confusing emotions. Emotions they don’t yet understand, can’t cope with and don’t know how to verbalise. Phew! Basically these big emotions are behind those big behaviours and toddler tantrums, or as I prefer to think of them – meltdowns! If you are going through this phase right now then keep reading to learn my tried and tested gentle parenting strategies for coping with toddler tantrums. 

Mother cuddling her son while coping with a toddler tantrum

Five top tips for coping with toddler tantrums 

Toddler tantrums are a big deal. Especially when you are living with them day in and day out. Toddlers are little people just discovering their independence and they need the time and space to learn how to communicate big feelings. The trouble is that the way they often express themselves in screaming, crying, whining and grabbing tends to bring out big feelings in parents too! Keep reading to get my five top tips for coping with toddler tantrums.