Biscuit Decorating: An easy to set up baking activity for toddlers

If you are looking for a super simple baking activity to enjoy with your toddler this is it. Baking may seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be! Why not take a few shortcuts and make life easier for yourself while still giving your toddler an exciting baking experience? This Biscuit Decorating activity is the perfect solution. Keep reading to find out what you need, grab my bright icing recipe and even get your hands on my FREE Time to Bake Activity Bundle!

It’s never too early to start teaching your children practical life skills and baking is definitely one them! Baking involves early math skills like counting and measuring. It also requires literacy skills for reading recipes and ingredient labels. Your toddler’s fine and gross motor skills will get a work out too with all the stirring, whisking and kneading! Baking really does tick all the boxes.

But what if I find baking with my toddler stressful?

Parenting a toddler is hard work and any activity can become stressful if we aren’t prepared for it. Baking involves messy ingredients, hot kitchens and sometimes dangerous utensils. So it’s important to have a plan. The great thing is that biscuit decorating is an easy to set up baking activity for toddlers. It only involves a few ingredients, pre-made biscuits and no actual cooking! So let’s keep the stress at a minimum and get prepped!

What equipment do I need?

First off, to make the icing you need a sieve, a jug and a mixing bowl. After that you only need a few small bowls to put the icing in and a plate to lay the biscuits on as you ice them. I used teaspoons, a spatula and a butter knife to spread the icing onto the biscuits.

What are the ingredients?

There are only four ingredients! Icing sugar, food colouring, water and digestive biscuits! I told you it was simple! Another optional ingredient is sprinkles. My toddler really enjoyed placing stars and chocolate beans on top of the biscuits.

How can I make it easier for my toddler?

Make it easier for your toddler by clearly explaining what you expect. All of the ingredients need to stay on the table and you don’t lick your fingers while you are icing the biscuits. Keep a wet cloth nearby for sticky fingers and reassure them they can have one of the finished biscuits when you are done icing. You can also support your toddler to follow the recipe and help make the icing by using the Visual Recipe included in my FREE Time to Bake Activity Bundle.

So let’s get started!

My perfect icing recipe is laid out for you below. Make one batch and then divide it into as many bowls as you need for your chosen colours. I laid out four bowls and made red, green, blue and white icing. Then I added four bowls of sprinkles too. Each bowl had its own spoon and I made it look super exciting by popping the bowls on top of a silver cake board.

The Perfect Icing Recipe

  • 250g icing sugar
  • 3 tbsp of warm water (cooled boiled water)
  • ½ tsp food colouring
  1. Sieve the icing sugar into a small bowl.
  2. Gradually add the water and keep stirring.
  3. Once the sugar and water mixture is a smooth consistency, you can add the food colouring.

How to decorate your biscuits

Now it’s time to sit down together and enjoy decorating your biscuits! My toddler loved scooping the icing and blobbing it onto the biscuits. Sprinkles are his absolute favourite though! And if you can find them, some baking aisles have kits with candy eyes and ears to make little faces on your biscuits too.

What other baking activities do you have planned?

I hope you enjoy my easy biscuit decorating activity with your toddler. Please tag me in your posts @craftytoddlercompany or email me to let me know how you get on! Do you have any other baking activities planned? Grab my FREE Time to Bake Activity Bundle below for even more baking fun!

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